ECM Graft® SEM Image
Cartilage cells grown on Porous Microcarrier PMc®
Stromal Cells grown on Dot-Cult®

ExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd.

Future Plans

ExCel Matrix is committed towards development of regenerative medicine based therapeutic products. We are working towards following therapeutic solutions;

  1. Wound healing
  2. Tissue engineered skin
  3. Tissue engineered cartilage
  4. Tissue engineered bone
  5. Adipose tissue engineering

In addition to these commercial targets we are exploring the novel applications of ECM Analog technology at the research level.

Business Plan Summary

Based on three application development potential of ECM Analog®, biomaterial business potential can be divided in to three different market segments.

R & D Tools for cell biology research application: Cell biologist can study different cell functions which can be exhibit only in vivo and can not be observed in monolayer cultures. 3D growth, long term differentiated function and culture of fastidious cells are typically missed in conventional 2D monolayer culture.

Diagnostic Tools for drug development: With the ability to create engineered human tissues using 3D cell culture technique it is possible to use these tissue equivalents to evaluate toxicity, efficacy of drug candidates and create human models of various pathologies in vitro.

Therapeutic application for Tissue Engineered solutions: Ability of ECM Analog® technology to mimic tissue specific extracellular matrix should help in creation of a variety of tissues with better therapeutic potential than any other rival biomaterial technology.