ECM Graft® SEM Image
Cartilage cells grown on Porous Microcarrier PMc®
Stromal Cells grown on Dot-Cult®

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A Convenient 3D Cell Culture Method

Dot-Cult® is designed to perform 3D cell culture without compromising convenience of monolayer culture (2D cell culture) in a native ECM (extracellular matrix) like microenvironment.

All that is required for Dot-Cult® is to add media and cells to setup 3D culture.

Principles of Dot-Cult® can be adapted to any cell culture formats like multiwell-plate, flask, hanging drop culture, slide culture etc.

Researchers not only can perform 3D cell culture conveniently but also evaluate cell attachment, growth using normal microscopy procedures. Cells can be quantified under 3D culture using Dot-Cult® and harvested by normal enzymatic method.

As an enthusiastic customer has expressed “it is fastest way to get a publication”. We guarantee an innovative touch to your research.

Please discuss with our experts your unique cell culture requirements and explore options beyond conventional products.

Product Design Concept

Three dimensional (3D) Cell culture of human and animal cells mimic natural tissue interactions better than 2D monolayer culture for any practical purpose.

Matrigel, collagen and reconstituted extracellular matrix as hydrogels are popular among cell biologists to create tissue model due to their ability to mimic extracellular micro-environment. Porous scaffolds and hydrogels of biodegradable polymers are preferred for tissue engineering research due to robust handling properties.

Finding a common biomaterial that has both ECM mimicry and engineering properties has been difficult. Further, delivering the biomaterial as cost effective ready-to-use devices has not been achieved.

Dot-Cult® is designed to provide 3D cell culture in popular and convenient Petri dish and multiwell plate formats.

3D culture is achieved in specified ECM Analog® scaffold coated area (a dot) of Dot-Cult® instead of entire surface of Petri dish. Uncoated area of Petri dish is treated for non-adhesion of cells to prevent any 2D-monolayer growth of cells. ECM Analog® coated area is kept optimal to provide proportionate number of cells to the culture volume.

Consequently, Dot-Cult® for 3D cell culture remains identical to a Petri dish in terms of convenience, acquaintance, no prior training or exposure, medium requirement, duration of culture, trypsinization and handling robustness.


  1. Dot-Cult® is gamma irradiated and available as ready to use package.
  2. 3D dots are available in two types
    1. Collagen Type I
    2. Amniotic ECM (coming soon)
  3. Also available with 2D control dot for easy comparison.
  4. Customizable Extra Cellular Matrix for 3D culture of specific cell types.
  5. Customizable scaffold features (pore size, particle size etc.).
  6. Just add cells, media and incubate.
  7. Change media as per monolayer culture.
  8. Harvest cells by usual trypsinization.
  9. Long term 3D cell culture possible.
  10. Multiple cell type can be inoculated in single plate to create organ like features.

Dot-Cult® is for research purpose only.

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