ECM Graft® SEM Image
Cartilage cells grown on Porous Microcarrier PMc®
Stromal Cells grown on Dot-Cult®

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Non-Adherent Culture Dish

For Stem Cell and Spheroid Culture

Non-Adherent Culture Dish are used for stem cell and spheroid culture. Special hydrophilic type coating on Petri dish makes it non-adherent to proteins. Compared to three-dimensional, histiotypic cultures, cells grown as monolayers may be more affected by the culture conditions, due to reduced cell-to-cell interactions. Multi-cellular spheroids formed by cells are widely used as avascular tumor models for metastasis and invasion research and for therapeutic screening.

Customizable culture formats

  1. Multi-well plates (6 well, 12 well, 24 well etc.)
  2. Large dishes
  3. Tissue Culture flasks

Non-Adherent Culture Dish is for research purpose only.