ECM Graft® SEM Image
Cartilage cells grown on Porous Microcarrier PMc®
Stromal Cells grown on Dot-Cult®

ExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd.

3D Cell Culture

Concepts of 3D cell culture are well established and its relative advantages over conventional cell culture are well appreciated. However, current methods for 3D cell culture are neither convenient, nor cheap. Convenience and cost factor are discouraging many potential researchers and slowing down acceptance of 3D cell culture as standard investigative tool. Conventional cell culture applications are limited in future as it can not adopt towards modern cell biology research, cell culture based bioassays or tissue engineering.

We have developed novel ECM Analog® biomaterial technology platform and successfully demonstrated prototypes as proof-of-concept. ECM Analog® biomaterial can provide tissue specific extracellular matrix and engineering properties essential for manufacturing and rapid prototyping. In other word it combines stringent biological requirement with engineering requirements in a single biomaterial.

ECM Analog is made of healthy extracellular matrix derived materials and rendered as porous scaffold for 3D cell culture. ECM Analog is further adapted in a convenient and popular culture ware formats for convenience. No prior exposure/ training is required in handling and execution of 3D cell culture. In fact, in most situations 3D cell culture can be performed within few hours and handled intuitively similar to conventional cell culture.

Multiple formats like Petri dish, multi-well, coverslip, microcarrier are developed to meet cell culture needs. Many complex cell culture prototypes like multiple cell co-cultures and permutation combination of  a variety of cells can be handled conveniently. Needless to state such flexibility of cell culture formats are not feasible at present.

As one of our enthusiastic customer has expressed “it is fastest way to get a publication”. We guarantee an innovative touch to your research.

Please discuss our experts for your unique cell culture requirements and explore options beyond conventional products.

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